Printing prices

All our prices are exactly what you pay with no hidden charges!

We Specialise in Embroidery:

Embroidery provides an image that will last the lifetime of the shirt and can also be provided at excellent value for money.

The way embroidery is priced though is through stitch count. Therefore if you would rather have you garments embroidered please check out as usual from our Full Range and upload your logo when requested. We will then contact you to confirm if there is any price change before your order is processed. To give you an idea, an average left breast logo can be embroidered for the exact price that is shown in our Full Range.

There is a one off setup charge for any logo that includes a picture or graphical text.
Once this is paid though, we have your logo on file so any further orders will be exempt from this charge.

Embroidered text only is also exempt from any initial setup charge and is priced per item of clothing.

If you require full colour printing or Heat press we can also offer the Digital Heat Press Transfers, see bottom of page!

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We can also provide embroidery to any of the positions shown in the picture below.
Please note the Acronyms we use for printing locations, i.e. RB = Right Breast as shown in the image below.

Printing locations

If this is the first time you are ordering from us, a Setup charge needs to be added before the order is processed.


Setup charge: £24.00 (VAT included)
Further orders free if using the same design.

Digital Full Colour Heat Transfer:

This process allows complete full colour digital images to be transferred onto items of clothing.

This process is perfect for Team Names and Logos.
Another benefit of this method is that it is priced per 25cm square image meaning that a large area can be covered in a more cost effective way than embroidery. Also there is no Setup charge and this is why all of our prices INCLUDE your logo transferred on the left breast of the garment. If you would like your logo in any of the other places shown in the picture below please state this in the Special Details on check out. For multiple logos such as front left logo and rear logo please contact us and we can provide you with a quotation.

transfer 1   transfer 2   transfer 3   transfer 4

We can provide customised personal clothing for any occasion, please contact us with your requirements.